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“You have to be sure that you are choosing the right web designer, as often the true value of your site will only be known after launch”

All at competitive prices, so why not get in touch and see what I can do for you.

1.  Communication

Being able to talk to someone regarding your website is crucial and I am always available, whether it be by email, live chat or my contact form.

2.  Support

During the design, build and after completion phases of your website, it is vital that you receive the support you require.

3.  Reliable

Having a web designer do what i say i will do and put in place what has been discussed in any consultations.

4.  A good portfolio

Check out my portfolio of work for some of the sites that I have worked on.

5.  Graphical appeal

I have a very good ability to design websites that are graphically pleasing and can be stylish, dynamic, professional, modern. But I will listen to what the client wants foremost.

6.  Self learner

Web design is vast. An enormous array of different technologies with which all good designers and developers must be capable of learning and experimenting on a daily basis.

7.  Good listener

What does the client need? This is best found by our initial consultation and questionnaire, also linked to good communication.

8. A solid process

It is important that a solid process is followed but a flexible approach is taken therefore helping deliver a website in an agreeable timescale. But I still remain realistic to challenges and goals.

9. Time scale

Timescales will be realistic, and deviations from the brief / consultations may have an impact on the deadline.

I do realize that every project is unique and every business, every brand is different, that is why every website must be made specifically for you.